the best things about taipei: a summary (aka a million reasons to fall in love with the city)

  • gorgeous scenery
  • friendly people: as evidenced by MRT chats and the fifty times someone was nice enough to give me directions
  • cheap delicious food (5 pork buns for $.50?? come onnn. large bubble teas for $1??)
  • the NIGHT MARKETS–the atmosphere, the food, the free samples
  • din tai fung (where else could you possibly see dumplings being hand made and get tea poured 5 feet from the cups?)
  • the M R T. cleanest, most efficient pub transportation system (gum not allowed)
  • the pace. it’s so slow and easy and the opposite of stressful
  • the TEA, picking tea and bringing it home was something else
  • the supremely cozy cat cafes
  • the 24 hour bookstores
  • how safe it was to walk around at night in the city as a woman, esp as a foreigner
  • its expansive zoo
  • its theater
  • the BAKERIES (brownie mochi anyone??)
  • the niu rou mian
  • the lu rou fan
  • the GINORMOUS man tou
  • taipei 101

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